Techno Legal Consultancy

Technolegal Legal Consultancy/ Statutory Compliance

  • Assistance for the sitting of industry from the environmental aspects.

  • Carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study and Obtaining Environmental clearance (EC) from MoEF/SEIAA.

  • Obtaining statutory permits and consents like Consent to Establish (CTE) / No Objection Certificate (NOC), Consent to Operate (CTO) / Consolidated Consent & Authorization (CCA) and Registration for Recycling / Reprocess of Hazardous Waste from State Pollution Control Board.

  • Obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Central Ground Water Authority for the withdrawal of ground water.

  • Preparation and submission of various periodic and annual reports/forms for the compliance under various environmental legislations.

  • Technical consultation & assistance to ensure & assure complete Environ-Legal compliance.

  • Environmental Audit as per the directives and guidelines of Honorable High Court of Gujarat and GPCB.