Laboratory Services
»  Our Accreditation:
QCI-NABET Accredited EIA Consultant Organization
NABL Accredited ‘Testing Laboratory’ certified under ISO/IEC 17025:2005  
Recognized by GPCB as Schedule-II ‘Environmental Auditor’
ISO 9001 -2000 Certification

has developed well equipped and sophisticated laboratory as per NABL and CPCB guideline.The Laboratory facilities have been arranged for appropriate energy and water sources, lighting and environmental condition for correct performance of tests.About 985Sq.Ft. area of our total premises is allocated for the laboratory. Environmental laboratory is divided into three Sections

1. Analytical Section – 295 Sq.Ft.  
2. Chemical testing section- 415 Sq.Ft.  
3. Hot section - 275 Sq.Ft.  

Envisafe Our laboratory is enforced with a highly qualified and experienced staff of scientist, chemists and field expertswith backgrounds in all areas of environmental science.With a great emphasis on advancement, well-established system is in place to adopt and implement the new techniques in the field of environment laboratory and,

Envisafe always remains enthusiastic to adopt new technologies and procure latest equipment in order to provide clients better services to meet their needs. With a main thrust on quality control and sample integrity,

Envisafe adhere to a strict chain of custody procedure right from the sample collection through the sample results reporting and up to the sample disposal.

»  Laboratory Services:  
Sampling and analysis
  • Drinking Water/ Surface water / Ground water as per IS 10500
  • Industrial effluent/ waste water/ sewage water
  • Hazardous waste/ solid waste
  • soil sample
Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis
  • Ambient air quality as per guideline of MoEF & CPCB
  • Flue gas stack monitoring
  • process vent monitoring
  • fugitive emission
  • Work area monitoring
  • APCM Efficiency
  • Noise level
Laboratory Scale treatability Study
Meteorological study
»  List of Instruments / Equipments:
Laboratory Equipments Monitoring Equipments
  1. Digital Weighing Balance (4 Digit)
  2. Digital Weighing Balance(5 Digit)
  3. pH Meter
  4. Spectrophotometer
  5. Nephelo / Turbidity Meter
  6. Conductivity/TDS Meter
  7. BOD Incubator
  8. Magnetic Stirrer
  9. Refrigerator
  10. Desiccators
  11. COD Digestion Apparatus
  12. Muffle furnace
  13. Hot Air Oven
  14. Hot Plate
  15. Heating Mental
  16. Double Walled Water Bath with digital controller
  17. Filtration Assembly with vacuum pump
  18. Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
  19. Water Still
  20. Fuming Hood Chamber
  21. Microscope (Binocular)
  22. Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometer
  23. Eye Wash
  24. Analytical Weight Box
  1. Respirable Dust Samplers
  2. Fine Particulate Samplers
  3. Gaseous sampling attachment kit
  4. Organic Vapour Samplers
  5. Stack Samplers
  6. Handy Samplers
  7. Sound Level Meter
  8. Anemometer (Cup Counter)
  9. Wind Wane
  10. Navigator (GPS Locator)
  11. Cyclone Dust Sampler
  12. Onsite Monitoring Kit
    • Pen Type pH meter
    • Pen Type TDS meter
    • Portable DOMeter